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Part Number:  86/050
Brand:  Johnson Matthey

Johnson Matthey

  • Comsol soft solder
  • 600mm length
  • 3.0mm diameter
  • Melting temperature 2960C
  • 1.5% Ag
  • 5% Sn
  • 93.5% Pb

Comsol is a silver-tin-lead alloy. Manufactuered by Johnson Matthey to BS219 5s. The relatively high melting point makes Comsol useful in step soldering operations. Comsol is used in the soldering of armatures and windings of electric motors to their commutator segments. It is also used in car radiator parts and model engineering. These applications require a solder which retains its strength at temperatures up to 1500C

Soldering and Brazing- Thermal joining processes in which the molten filler metal is drawn into a capilliary gap between two closely fitting surfaces. By definition:- Soldering takes place at temperatures below 4500C and Brazing above 4500C. Both processes occur below the melting point of the metals being joined

Silver Brazing - Is a type of brazing using filler mtals containing silver which melt between 6000C and 9000C. Silver soldering is a term synonymous with Silver brazing (not soldering)

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