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14.0MM X 1.0MM DIE - FINE

14.0MM X 1.0MM DIE - FINE63/735£16.80

2.0MM X 0.45MM DIE - FINE

2.0MM X 0.45MM DIE - FINE63/721£11.45

10.0MM X 1.00MM DIE - FINE

10.0MM X 1.00MM DIE - FINE63/731£10.68

10.0MM X 1.25MM DIE - FINE

10.0MM X 1.25MM DIE - FINE63/732£10.68

12.0MM X 1.0MM DIE - FINE

12.0MM X 1.0MM DIE - FINE63/733£10.68

12.0MM X 1.25MM DIE - FINE

12.0MM X 1.25MM DIE - FINE63/734£10.68

8.00MM X 0.75MM DIE - FINE

8.00MM X 0.75MM DIE - FINE63/728£10.68

8.0MM X 1.0MM DIE - FINE

8.0MM X 1.0MM DIE - FINE63/729£10.68

9.00MM X 1.00MM DIE - FINE

9.00MM X 1.00MM DIE - FINE63/730£10.68

3.0MM X 0.6MM DIE - FINE

3.0MM X 0.6MM DIE - FINE63/722£8.02

4.0MM X 0.5MM DIE - FINE

4.0MM X 0.5MM DIE - FINE63/723£8.02

4.0MM X 0.75MM DIE - FINE

4.0MM X 0.75MM DIE - FINE63/724£8.02

5.0MM X 0.5MM DIE - FINE

5.0MM X 0.5MM DIE - FINE63/725£8.02

6.0MM X 0.75MM DIE - FINE

6.0MM X 0.75MM DIE - FINE63/727£8.02


Page 1 of 1:    14 Items