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Part Number:  8/081
Brand:  LBSC

LBSC designed locomotives

Due to the current volatility with copper prices we are unable to provide a price online. Please contact us directly for a current price. We hope the pricing stabilises in the coming months. Once common-sense returns to the world we will be able to list the prices online once again - thank you for your understanding.

  • Barrel - from sheet
  • Outer wrapper
  • Inner wrapper
  • Smokebox tubeplate
  • Throatplate
  • Backhead
  • Firebox tubeplate
  • Firebox doorplate
  • Superheater flues
  • Plain flue tubes
  • Crownstays
  • Long stays
  • Blower stay
  • Cross stays
  • Firehole ring
  • Foundation ring material
  • Firebox stays
  • Barrel butt strap


  • Boiler kit containing all the copper necessary to complete the boiler. The kit does not include the material required for bushes
  • The boiler plates are supplied flat and will require flanging
  • Please ensure the boiler kit supplied, where relevant, meets the requirements of your boiler tester/inspector. If you require specification details please contact Reeves 2000 prior to ordering. Once ordered, boiler kits cannot be cancelled or returned as they are bespoke items cut to order.

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