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Part Number:  86/280

  • Soft solder 60/40
  • 125g
  • 'Paint'
  • Sn - 60%
  • Pb - 40%
  • Melting range 183 - 1900C
  • BS.EN.29453

Smooth homogeneous mixture of finely powdered solder and zonc chloride activated liquid flux suitable for tinning solder coating and sweat soldering. Convenient and economical to use. It isapplied easily by brush to cold surfaces adn then heated to melt the solder and make the joint.  

The higher Tin content of this paint gives enhanced solderability and greater capillary action between the joined surfaces

Fryolux Solder Paint is a thixotropic suspension of solder powder in an active flux compound. In industrial applications it can be used to tin copper brass or mild steel. The Fryolux Solder Paint may be reflowed using various heating techniques including heating with a blowtorch or sweating with a large solder iron.

To use clean both surfaces and apply a thin smear of Fryolux Solder Paint to one side using a paint brush or else you can dip each part. The joint is then assembled or held and heated until the solder melts to show a silvery line through the flux residues.

Please note that overheating the flux should be avoided if possible to prevent the flux to charing and discolouring.

Fryolux Solder Paint is stable during utilisation with excellent wetting properties however settling can occur after a long period of storage in pots in this case a slight mixing of the paint will be necessary before application.

Fryolux Solder Paint may be used for various applications which include mechanical assembly automotive and motor cycle restoration boiler making coach building plumbing model making agricultural repair electrical and electronic tinning of capacitors resistors fuses and general components

As with any flux containing Zinc Chloride the residues are corrosive and should be washed off the tinned area after soldering.