Now available - 3D Scanning


Over the last few months we have been thinking of ways to preserve our patterns. We have approximately 6000 carefully stored, many of which are our only copy. It has always been at the back of our mind - what if the worst happened? What would happen to the 150+ models if the patterns were no more?

Many of our patterns are 50+ years old. With each visit to the foundry they come back a little bit more bruised and in some cases in pieces. 

The answer to our problems - 3d scanning. Our new scanner allows us to rapidly scan our patterns. The data is then saved in a 3d printable format (.stl). Should we ever need to, the archived file can be retrieved and 3D printed within a matter of days. No longer do we need to wait months for a pattern to be made by hand. 

We think by scanning all our patterns we are helping to secure the future of model engineering - in a modern way.

3d scanning does not detract from the skills of the 'pattern maker'. These are skills which cannot be replicated and are unfortunately, as with many foundries, rapidly disappearing. 


How Can it Help Me?

Theoretically any pattern or even casting can be scanned and reproduced as a 3d print. The print can then be used at the foundry. 

There is no reason, with the correct 3d printing software why the scanned file couldn't be scaled up or down if required. For example if you have made your own patterns for a 3 1/2" locomotive you could scan the patterns, scale them up/down and reprint them a different gauge. There would be no need to remake the entire pattern by hand. 


How Much?

If you are interested in having any items scanned please contact us. Prices start at £20.00+ vat. 


How Long?

Many patterns can be scanned while you wait. 



Please call or email for more details. Even if you're not interested we would love to hear your feedback/suggestions. 

tel: 01530 272338



The below scans have been taken directly from the original patterns. All the original foundry dents, nicks, blemishes are there for all to see. We ran a test from start to finish - scanned the original pattern, printed the scan and cast from the print. We can confirm the printed pattern was within 0.005" of the original pattern!

Miscellaneous Tender Wheel
Download stl file


Miscellaneous Flywheel
Download stl file