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Part Number:  43/207

  • 3mm dia graphite square
  • 50cm length
When fitting packings it is important to remember the following;
  1. Remove all old packing clean gland space and check shaft for lateral movement; packing will not act as a bearing and shaft movement will quickly destroy packing. Replace shaft bearings if worn.
  2. Measure shaft and housing diameters and make sure new packing is of correct size
  3. Cut rings to correct length preferably by cutting through packing wrapped round mandrel to equal shaft diameter or round shaft itelf is sufficiently accessible. For plaited packings rings should be cut square to give a butt join. If rings are not cut round a mandrel remember that O.D. circumference is greater than I.D. circumference so that a slight angle is required when cutting to avoid gaping at outer edge of ring.
  4. Fit rings individually and twist to fit over shaft. ; never open out rings as this can distort packing