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Part Number:  86/060
Brand:  Johnson Matthey

Johnson Matthey

  • Soft solder 60/40
  • 1m length
  • 1.6mm diameter (approx)
  • Sn - 60%
  • Pb - 40%
  • Melting range 183 - 1900C
  • BS.EN.29453
Manufactured by Johnson Matthey. 60/40 soft solder has a relatively short melting range and is relatively free flowing. It is widely used in soldering copper and copper based alloys. Also available in paste form (86/282)

Soldering and Brazing- Thermal joining processes in which the molten filler metal is drawn into a capilliary gap between two closely fitting surfaces. By definition:- Soldering takes place at temperatures below 4500C and Brazing above 4500C. Both processes occur below the melting point of the metals being joined

Silver Brazing - Is a type of brazing using filler mtals containing silver which melt between 6000C and 9000C. Silver soldering is a term synonymous with Silver brazing (not soldering)