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Zinc Chloride based flux very effective at soldering copperbrass and pretinned materials. Post Soldering residues should be washed off. High activity flux

For most applications the flux can be applied by brushing this being the most convenient method of controlling where the flux is placed.

Alternatively Bakers No.3 flux can be sprayed on or the work-piece can
be fully or partially immersed in the flux prior to soldering. When heat is introduced the flux will begin to work effectively so that when the solder is applied the joint can be formed.

Zinc chloride containing fluxes are corrosive and the post soldering flux residues should normally be removed as soon as possible after cooling of the joint assembly. This can usually be achieved by washing
with water preferably warm.

For the most through flux residue removal initial cleaning should be in dilute
hydrochloric acid (2-5%) or citric acid
followed by a final wash in clean water.

This product has a shelf life of 24 months from the date of manufacture.