Foundry delivery

22 April 2016  |  Kate

We've just finished sorting out our latest foundry delivery and we thought we'd check just how many products we have in stock well......

We currently sell 1479 different parts/castings for 3 1/2" gauge locomotives and at the time of writing there are 94.9% of them in stock for immediate delivery! We think that's pretty impressive. Basically that means if you order your 3 1/2" gauge locomotive castings before 2pm today, 94.9% will be delivered by 5pm on Monday. 

It's not just the small castings we keep 'off the shelf'. We sell 2427 different parts/castings for 5" gauge locos. 95.87% of these are 'off the shelf'. Again we think that's pretty impressive.

How about the 7 1/4" gauge? Well of the 1448 parts/castings we sell  88.67% are in stock. Not bad really. Certainly enough to keep you busy while we get the other bits cast.