Reeves 2000 is 15 years old today!

1 Comment1 March 2016  |  Kate

Did you know Reeves 2000 has now been trading for 15 years?

A lot has changed in the last 15 years. We have gone from trying to operated in a corner of an existing warehouse, to building our own, purpose built building. Even that has had to be extended to cope with all the stock. 

Over the years we have tried to change with the times. Gone are the days of exhibitions - some of you may be disappointed by this but it is a sign of the times.

We have dedicated considerable time and effort into our website and IT systems. This is continually being developed and we hope improved. Currently online there are 8,804 products! We are trying, as quickly as possible to add images for every product. As I'm sure you can appreciate this is a time consuming process but we are getting there. We have uploaded almost 3,000 so far.  

Whilst we have almost 9,000 products on-line, we actually stock 14,912 products......everyone counted. You may be wondering why we 'stock' more products than we sell on-line. Well for each product, there may be multiple parts. For example you might order a Rob Roy cylinder set (4/084) but this one product is actually made up of 6 different products. Our improved IT systems allow us to get 'live stocks'. When you call up to ask if a Rob Roy cylinder set is in stock we no longer have to go upstairs and check all 6 parts are in stock. A click of a button on the computer and we have the answer (assuming they weren't counted on a Friday afternoon of course!).

What's next for Reeves? Well we've still got a whole load of images to upload and further improvements on-line to make . We keep coming up with new ideas, it's just a case of finding time to implement this space. 


David Scott
14 March 2016  |  12:15

I am building 3 Reeves locomotives and have just sent for a replacement 5100 drawing. I knew the old Reeves being a student in Coventry.
Well done for the 15 years!!
Get in with the Bulldog as well!!!