Welcome to our new website

9 Comments3 February 2016  |  Kate

Welcome to our new website. We hope you like it as much as we do. 

Why have we decided on a new website? Well we believe it will enable....

  • Better checkout when placing your order
  • Better searching when trying to find items
  • Hopefully better layout (I'm sure some of you won't agree)
  • Better discount options (as and when we're feeling nice)
  • Loyalty points. The more you spend, the more points you earn. These points can then be used for discount on future orders. 
  • ......and many other things which we hope will make our lives easier


Paul Darnbrough
11 February 2016  |  8:18


Peter Parrish
08 March 2016  |  8:15

Service is good

15 March 2016  |  20:01

Thank you for your comments.

We are still trying to improve the website but this take time.

We appreciate any feedback and ideas. They might not all be possible, but if they're sensible we'll listen and see what we can do

Ron Smith
14 March 2016  |  17:32

The new website is very quick and easy to use . Well Done

15 March 2016  |  20:02

Thank you for the feedback.

We changed our website because we felt the old website was too long winded. Hopefully everyone will find this site easy to use.

We know there is still lots to do but we're trying as quickly as we can.

William Twombley
06 February 2019  |  18:44

Is it possible to arrange the use of PayPal for. Purchases? iím having difficulty with Visa, and international. Purchases.

07 February 2019  |  9:36


At this time we do not intend to offer Paypal. Purchases can be made online via our secure payment gateway with either Visa or Mastercard debit/credit cards.

William Twombley
06 February 2019  |  18:45

I really like the web site! Of course, all the great. Stock too!!

William Twombley
08 February 2019  |  7:49

Kate, I have been having difficulty getting my visa card to complete Payment for items. I contact my bank and prearrange Payment and no luck.