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SILVERFLO 55, CAD FREE, 630deg -660 deg 1.5MM

SILVERFLO 55, CAD FREE, 630deg -660 deg 1.5MM

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Part Number:  86/025
Brand:  Johnson Matthey

Johnson Matthey

 Silver-flo™ 55 is a cadmium free silver brazing filler metal. It combines a low brazing temperature with a short melting range. Silver-flo™ 55 is very free flowing and produces neat joints with small fillets. These characteristics make Silver-flo™ 55 an excellent general-purpose silver brazing filler metal. In many countries it is accepted as the best cadmium-free alternative to the low-melting cadmium containing filler metals. For example it is used as a substitute for alloys such as Easy-flo™ and Easy-flo™ No.2.
Joints made with Silver-flo™ 55 are suitable for seawater applications being resistant to dezincification. The optimum joint gap for this filler metal at brazing temperature is normally 0.05-0.15mm.
  • 1.5mm dia rods
  • 600mm long
  • Melting range 630-660 deg C

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