Can We Do More?

At Reeves we are aware of our impact on the environment and we are actively looking to reduce our reliance on plastic particular......but it's not that easy.

What are you doing about plastic bubble wrap?

We are always looking to reduce the amount of plastic bubble wrap we use. We now 'pad' the parcels with shreddings (either cardboard of paper based).  We have calculated we have reduced our plastic bubble wrap usage by 95% as a result. We do still use some plastic bubble wrap to ensure there are no sharp ends likely to burst through either the box or mailing bag during shipping. As yet we haven't come up with a better idea.       

Why are so many of your items in small plastic bags?

Customers like to be able to see the item prior to purchasing when in the shop. It would not be practical to have all stock 'loose' as we would be forever counting stock for orders. When new stock comes in it is 'bagged and tagged' straightaway ready for sale.

The clear plastic bags also allow us to send orders to customers mail order easily. The customer can then inspect the item through the clear plastic without the need to open the bag. If it isn't suitable the item can be returned (within the required timescale) as long as the packet hasn't been opened. If it was in a paper bag you wouldn't be able to check it

We are looking to move towards more bio-degradeable plastic. How feasible this is we're not sure but we're open to ideas. 

Why happens to all your paper and cardboard waste?

99% paper and cardboard waste ends up going through the shredder and is used for packaging. 

What happens to any plastic waste?

We try and take the majority of our plastic waste home and pop it in the recycling. We're definitely not perfect in the this but we're trying

What happens to metal waste?

All metal waste (off cuts, pop cans etc) ends up in a large metal skip which is recycled.

What else can we do?

We're all ears for ideas. We know we're not perfect but we are trying. Ideas are welcome (preferably helpful ones).

Sometimes there are things we haven't thought of and sometimes there are things that simply aren't practical but that doesn't mean you can't suggest it. Either email your idea ( or complete the form on the contact page