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Part Number:  18/130
Brand:  Trevor Shortland

  • 14 sheets
  • Complete set
  • Individual drawings also available
  • Sheet 1 - Front and rear elevations
  • Sheet 1a - Side elevation
  • Sheet 2 - Boiler, regulator bush, fulcrum and levers, brake valve bush, blower and gauge bushes, regulator lever, blower valve, ejector & blower connections, foundation bracket
  • Sheet 3 - Valve gear, side rods, weighshaft, rocking lever, reverse shaft bracket
  • Sheet 4 - Coupled wheels, axleboxes, springs and hangers, horncheeks, eccentric straps and rods, main axleboxes
  • Sheet 5 - Cylinders details, snifting valves, release valves
  • Sheet 6 - Frames and frame erection, saddle plate, front and rear steps, guard irons
  • Sheet 7 - Buffer beams, frame stays, stretchers, radial axlebox horns, front footplate, footplate bracket
  • Sheet 8 - Pony and trailing truck arrangements, pony & trailing hweels, axelboxes and keeps, buffers and stocks
  • Sheet 9 - Radial axleboxes, crossheads, slidebars, vacuum plate, motion brackets, 
  • Sheet 10 - Brake gear arrangements and details
  • Sheet 11 - Smokebox, chimney, grate, ashpan, top feed, safety valves, superheater & connections, regulator, smokebox door, petticoat pipe, blower & all connections
  • Sheet 12 - Side tanks, cab and bunker
  • Sheet 13 - Firehole door & levers, lubricator eccentric, misc. valves details 
2-6-2 GWR Class 51xx Tank Loco. This is a super detailed model by Trevor Shortland of the large Prairie Tank Locomotives. Scaled from works drawings at 1.1/16" to 1 foot for 5" gauge

Please note all castings will require machining. The image shown is for display purposes only and where dimensions are shown they are to provide an indication as to the finished size which can be achieved from the casting supplied